Expert Advice On Matching Knobs And Decor


Cabinet knobs and pulls may seem like just another small hardware piece that you don’t need to put much thought into. In reality, knobs and pulls act as accessories for your cabinets and can make or break the rest of your decor. Much like jewelry makes different statements and can create different looks with apparel, knobs carry out the same function with cabinets.

Kitchens generally have more cabinets than anywhere else in the home, and choosing an interior design style for a kitchen can be a huge chore. There are so many different decor styles, and kitchen knobs and pulls to match them, to choose from. It can be hard to narrow down which combination of decor and knobs is right for you.  

Luckily, there are experts that can help with the knob and decor dilemma. We spoke to 2 expert interior designers who both love designing kitchens to get their take on matching your knobs to your decor.


“There are so many creative things that you can do in the kitchen. And because it is the heart of the home, I firmly believe that it should be a reflection of the homeowners.” -Kirsten Grove

Deciding Whether To Make A Statement With Knobs Or Not

Leigh Ann Watts from Houseologie says she chooses knobs based on if she wants them to make a statement, or to blend in to let other elements shine.

“I choose kitchen knobs that match the rest of the room decor by considering if I want them to blend in or stand out. Sometimes your knobs can be total show stoppers, other times they need to blend in so the cabinets or countertops can steal the show.”

Examples Of Statement Kitchen Knobs



Photo Source:


Photo Source: The Kitchn

Statement knobs and pulls become the main focus of your cabinets. They are typically bold or flashy and stand out next to the colors of the cabinets and counters that are chosen.  

Examples Of Low Profile Kitchen Knobs


Photo Source: Pinterest


Photo Source: Pinterest

Unlike statement knobs, low profile knobs blend in and let other elements like countertops, cabinet colors, and wood choices stand out.

Knobs and Different Decor Styles

Kirsten Grove from designs her kitchens around different styles and chooses kitchen knobs that fit into that design style.

Knobs and hardware can immediately change the look of a kitchen. I like to use hardware that is simplistic and modern when designing a minimalist kitchen. When designing a more traditional kitchen, gold hardware is a fun option!”

Minimalist Knobs

These knobs are low profile and barely look like they are knobs at all. They use up a very small space, yet are functional. They achieve the minimalist design by using the fewest and barest essentials or elements yet creates a maximum effect.


Photo Source: Pinterest


Photo Source: Pinterest

Traditional Knobs

Traditional interior design often emphasizes simplicity and comfort in its layout and traditional knobs reflect that as well. Traditional knobs are what you “typically” see on cabinets and drawers. They often create symmetry and a focal point.


Photo Source: Pinterest


Photo Source: Pinterest

Different Knobs For Different Interior Design Styles

Because there are so many different interior design styles, there are a lot of different knobs and pulls on the market to coordinate with your decor. Each design style has it’s own look, color palette, furniture style, and overall feel. Knobs and pulls play a role in that style as well.

To help you find which knob best matches your decor, we have put together a list of the most popular interior design styles, and which knob and pull goes best with that design.



“My favorite design style is Scandinavian. I love the high contrast, monochrome colors and the minimal decor tendencies of this style.”- Leigh Anne Watts

Scandinavian design combines gentle and playful design elements with organic, industrial, and even rustic accents. There are usually a lot of geometric pieces included as well.

It is simple, contemporary, and functional, focusing mainly on white and grey tones. There are a lot of fluid lines in scandinavian design and usually a statement piece to focus on in the room as well.


Photo Source: Froy


Sleek Chrome Knobs And Pulls go well with this design. They are fluid in design as well as simplistic and gentle. They are low profile, letting other pieces stand out.  

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is a design style that incorporates architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century (roughly 1933 to 1965). The look and style is iconic because of the creative ways it uses materials like molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum. The furniture is often simple, clean lined and made of wood. Its pieces are highly versatile and complementary.


Photo Source: Froy


Photo Source: Sarah Hearts

Knobs that go with Mid-century modern style are simple and low profile, but have a little flair.

Art Deco

Art Deco embodies the style of the Roaring Twenties. The architecture, furniture, and graphic design are very bold and flashy. The design is characterized by rich colors, bold geometry, and decadent details. The shapes are lively, yet the design overall is symmetrical. The complete look evokes glamour, luxury, and order.


Photo Source: Dwell Candy


Photo Source: Pinterest

Knobs that match this decor exude the same bold, graphic look as the overall look of the Art Deco room. The bolder and flashier the better.


Retro design embodies the best of yesteryears. The design and furniture is generally about showing off design styles from the mid 1930s through 1960s, but 1970s and 1980s styles are common as well. The furniture of each era has its own patterns, colors, finishes, and pop culture appeal that transform the space.


Photo Source: Furnish Burnish


These white and black knobs go well with a retro theme, especially checkerboard floors.

Berenson’s Miami-Manhattan Collection


Industrial design incorporates a lot of exposed steel and distressed wood, as well as exposed brick walls. It is common to have roughness in the design and typical to leave walls, lighting, and surfaces unfinished. Its look and feel is rustic and mature.

It is common in industrial design to incorporate old industrial-looking objects that are worn down or have been salvaged and recycled.


Photo Source: Froy

Copper knobs are a popular way to complement an industrial room.


French design is very ornate and decorative. The color palette and accents are saturated and rich, combined with softer shades such as ivory and gold. Details often include extensive use of gold, bronze and gilt.  Oftentimes one color or fabric is repeated throughout the space and many dramatic features are used.


Photo Source: Decoholic


This gold and white pendant knob from the Barcelona Collection is very ornate and decorative, and matches well with French style.  

French Country

French country design is a mix between country cottage and old world design. It often incorporates exposed wood beams, furniture with carved details, and stone or brick floors. Cozy rugs, copper pots, baskets, and clear vases are often included in the design scheme.


Photo Source: Dwell Candy


This french iron style knob from Berenson’s Provence Collection goes well with the welcoming, old world theme of french cottage.

Rustic/ Farmhouse

The rustic/farmhouse design style is very popular in homes today. Its look and feel is a modern approach to cabin-inspired interior design. The design style incorporates natural and traditional elements with some industrial accents as well. Much of the furniture and design has an eclectic look with a distressed handcrafted feel.


Photo Source: Better Homes And Gardens


This Bronze Rust Kitchen Knob matches well with the rustic/farmhouse look. It’s distressed finish and homemade look makes it a great accent piece.


Similar to French interior design, Victorian also uses warm, subdued colors with a lot of luxurious, rich, gold accents. The look often incorporates lavish rugs, drapes, as well as wallpaper into its overall theme. Patterns are used abundantly as well.


Photo Source: Three Dex


Photo Source: Wanelo

These ornately and exquisitely patterned cabinet pulls work well as accents for victorian decor.


Vintage interior design creates a look and feel of charm and history. It often incorporates eclectic pieces like antiques, collectibles and flea market finds.  Many things are distressed, worn down, or shabby, but vintage interior design is about embracing this look and enjoying these items by repairing or refinishing them.


Photo Source: Dwell Candy


This antique, gold retro knob from Berenson’s Euro Retro Collection embodies the worn, tattered look that the Victorian embraces and shows off.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau incorporates lavish and organic designs in its features and decor. Often featuring modern and enticing designs for the eye, Art Nouveau typically has 1 stand out piece for the whole room. The look and feel is very “fashion forward,” and often looks like a work of art throughout the space. The design incorporates lots of wooden and natural elements, and the furniture also often incorporates stylized flowers, leaves, buds, and roots.


Photo Source: Architecture Art Design


Photo Source: Pinterest

These knobs incorporate the artistic look and natural elements that Art Nouveau embodies, and would make great accent pieces for this design style.


Southwestern interior design is inspired by Spaniards, Mexicans, and Native American Indians. The look is very distinctive with lots of earthy, natural elements like exposed wood beams and distressed natural wood doors. Many floors and walls are made from natural toned terracotta and clay, and the rooms are often accented with brightly colored woven fabrics and accents.


Photo Source : Dwell Candy


Photo Source Pinterest

Turquoise is a very common color for southwestern design and these knobs match the decor style perfectly.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a uniquely romantic way of decorating. The style is soft and opulent mixed with a cottage feel and many elements that show wear and tear. The color palette is mainly whites and soft peaches and pinks. Many white wooden elements are often mixed in, from wooden trim to cabinets, shutters, and chairs.


Photo Source: Pinterest


Photo Source Pinterest

These white shabby chic knobs are a perfect example of the distressed white look that this design style is known for.

These interior design styles are just some of the more popular looks, but there many more. Whatever your favorite design style is, our hope is that this guide helps you choose the right knob to match your decor. One thing is for sure, whatever your design cup of tea is, there is a perfect knob to match it.

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35 Clever DIY Projects To Test Your Cabinetry Skills


You find yourself with a workshop full of material and nothing fun to work on—we’ve all been there. Have all the drawers in the kitchen been switched out, and there’s not a single wood guide in the house? Grandaughter already has a jewelry box, and your wife is joking about you working on your own coffin?

Whether you are an experienced carpenter or an amateur woodworking enthusiast, it may seem that your mind is always on the next project. With so many craft outlets and ideas available today, there is a project for every skill and interest level that you won’t even need to buy new tools for.

Too good to be true? Check out our list of clever inspirations for woodworking and organizational projects that will put your cabinetry skills to good use and help you add a few new abilities to your toolbox.

Car and RV Organization

1. Truck Bed Tool Drawer

Instead of littering your truck bed with tool boxes and loose tools that may fly out or be stolen when you are out and about, a simple solution is to install pull-out drawers in the back of your truck. They will keep your tools organized and secure.

Built just like regular drawers, the main challenge in this project is fitting them to the bed of your vehicle. Once fitted, insert dividers and labels and secure the drawers with latches or hooks. Here are some of our projects that can integrate heavy-duty and extra-long drawer slides to creatively store tons in your truck.




2. Portable Solar Panels

Another great project for frequent travelers is installing small portable solar panels to car racks. Solar panels are immensely useful for providing an alternative power source when you are on the road for a long time. You don’t want the panels to be subjected to high winds and intense weathering, so putting drawer slides on them will let you slide them in and out from under your car’s top rack.


3. Slider Storage for Toolboxes

You can keep your tools organized in your RV the same way you do at home by installing a metal tool chest. The same toolbox that might seem too wide or difficult to access becomes a compact way to store your tools for RV repairs when mounted on heavy-duty drawer slides or a  locking, heavy-duty drawer slide (pictured below) that locks in the open and closed positions. The chest can be stored sideways and slide out from its storage compartment when in use.


Garage Organization

4. Workshop Tool Drawer

For power tools and bigger items, build custom compartments and label them so you know where each one goes and what might be missing. A vertical slide-out board with hooks is another option for hanging extension cords, clamps, and other large objects.


Nuts and Bolts Cubbies

A workshop is another area that is difficult to keep organized. You can never seem to find that specific screw or hook or bolt when you need it. All of the little pieces are hard to keep track of, but building a set of small cubbies to hold them can save hours of frustration. You can find small bins and cubbies to use in your organizer at most home-goods stores.


Laundry Room

5. Sliding Ironing Board

Most laundry rooms barely have enough space for a washer and dryer, so it can be difficult to sort, wash, fold, and iron your clothes and linens efficiently and without clutter. Adding a slide-out ironing board to a shelf or cabinet eliminates the time and hassle it takes to get out and unfold your ironing board every time you do laundry.


6. Pull-Out Clothes Bins

Clothes bins also take up a lot of space that you don’t have in your laundry room. Creating a hidden clothes bin cabinet will store your lights, darks, and delicates without taking up half the room. It will also hide unsightly dirty laundry and the odor of your sweaty gym socks.



7. Pull-Out Drying Rack

Another useful laundry project is building a pull-out drying rack with horizontal bars that fits in a shelf or cabinet space. This is good for laying out clothes that can’t go into the dryer. Traditional drying racks are bulky and often hard to fold and unfold. But with this handy tool, simply pull out a drawer, lay your clothes to dry, and then push the drawer back in when you are finished.



Pet Organization

8. Pet Food Containers

Instead of keeping your pet’s food in a big bin in your pantry, leaving hardly any room for anything else, install a hidden cabinet that holds the food and can easily be accessed by pulling out a drawer. Adding a sealed cabinet in your pantry or directly under your pet’s bowls, as some craftsmen have done, will help to keep your pet’s food fresh and pests out.


9. Pet Food and Water Bowls

Your dog’s or cat’s feeding bowls can also get in the way and cause a mess. A sliding drawer near the floor is the perfect height for most pets to reach their food and water without scooting their bowls around and spilling everything. When they are finished with their meal, simply push the drawer in until they are hungry again.


10. Dog or Cat Bed

If your dog or cat likes to sleep right at the foot of your bed or on the couch, install a comfy bed for them that you can slide in and out when they want to take a snooze. When they are awake, you won’t have to trip over their bed or worry about them chewing or tearing it up while you’re not home.


Living Room

11. Kids Toy and Game Organizer

Pets aren’t the only messy ones in the house. Kids are notorious for leaving their toys and games all over the house and not putting them away properly when they do clean up. If a cabinet space has a place and label for each of their things, they can’t say they don’t know where something goes. This will also help them remember where their things are when they want to play.


12. Remote Control Organizer

In your living room or media room, organization is important. Adding sliding compartments to your entertainment center or under your coffee table will let you store your remotes and video game controllers when they aren’t in use.


13. Sliding Door or Room Divider

A popular home feature these days is a set of large, decorative doors that slide to open. You can turn an ordinary doorway into a design feature with trendy sliding doors. Another option is to break up a large room with a sliding room divider. Open up the room when you want to, and then simply slide the room divider back for some privacy.


Office Organization

14. Desk and Table Organizer

Adding a sliding platform or small pen drawer to your desk or table can provide more desk space or organizational storage without making the desk too bulky or obtrusive. This can also work for a computer keyboard or a cutting mat for a sewing table.


15. Sewing Table Into a Desk

Nothing beats the charm of a classic sewing table. That said, these days many of them may be far from functional or lack the polish to really complement the rustic but modern decor people crave. This gorgeous example of what can be done to an old table was actually submitted by one our customers, and all it took was a 22-inch, full-extension drawer slide and some mounting brackets.


16. Printer and Computer Organizer

Desk space is always important at your home office or at work. Building a shelf or cabinet to house your printer and CPU will free up room on your desk, and making their shelves slide out will enable you to clean and maintain your electronics easily.


Kitchen Organization

17. Pull-Out Cutting Board

Everyone could use some extra working space in the kitchen. Adding a pull-out cutting board to your kitchen cabinets will give you a place to chop fruits and vegetables while the rest of the counter is open for other tasks. Some craftsmen even place the pull-out cutting board over a trash can for easier clean up.


18. Kitchen Drawer Compartments

We all have that drawer in the kitchen that is home to the junk that won’t fit in any other drawer. All of those pens, batteries, rubber bands, flashlights, and receipts create clutter quite fast. Adding drawer organizers and maybe even a second sliding layer to the drawer will help you keep everything in its place.


19. Hidden Pull-Out Appliances

Whether it’s your washer and dryer, deep freezer, or dishwasher, appliances can take up a lot of room and are somewhat unsightly. Hide your appliances in your cabinets with matching panels on the front to keep them out of the way until you need them.


20. Pan and Platter Solutions

Plates and pans take up a lot of room in your kitchen cabinets, and they get cluttered easily. Not to mention, heavy platters can be difficult to get out of the cabinet when they have other things stacked on top of them. Add a sliding rack to your cabinet that stores plates, platters, and pans vertically.


21. Fruit and Vegetable Basket

It can be difficult to find a good place to store fresh produce in your kitchen. Building a small crate or shelf with sliding baskets will help you store more fruits and vegetables. Add a mesh bottom to keep them fresh longer.


22. Slide-Out Spice Rack

The spice pantry might be the most disorganized part of any kitchen. Installing pull-out spice organizing racks can eliminate a lot of the clutter and help you find the spice you need faster. This will also free up cabinet space for other things and keep them cleaner.


23. Sliding Pantry Shelves

Cans and other pantry items can also be a hassle when you’re trying to find more room in your pantry or cupboard. You may have seen horizontal can stackers that save space, but these can be kind of difficult to get the items out of and make it hard to spot what you’re looking for. Installing sliding shelves will enable you to slide your pantry items out so you can see them all at once.


Bedroom Organization

24. Under-Bed Storage

Instead of shoving boxes and bags under your bed that you will have a hard time pulling out later, create an organized space that is accessible with pull-out storage. Build drawers that will fit under your bed, and attach their pulls to the bottom of the bed.


25. Space-Saving Shoe Racks

Closets never seem to have enough room, so any space-saving solution is always welcome. A vertical, sliding shoe rack is a great way to store your shoes and keep them organized.


26. Closet Shelves

When things get stuffed in your closet, it can be impossible to find what you need. Putting drawer slides on your closet shelves will let you easily see what is stored in your closet and make it easier to organize and put things away. Add labels and individual compartments for further organization.





Source: FixThisBuildThat

Bathroom Organization

27. Hidden Step Stool

For tall shelves or other things that are hard to reach, add a step stool that can slide out when you need it. This is also a useful addition for homes with young children who have trouble reaching the sink or counter.


28. Sliding Medicine Cabinets

Many bathrooms have a medicine cabinet behind the mirror, but a unique idea is to make sliding medicine cabinet drawers on each side of the mirror. You won’t have to move the mirror, and you’ll be able to organize all of your toiletries.


29. Makeup- and Hair-Tool Organizer

If you or someone in your house uses makeup and hair tools, storing them in a built-in organizer in your bathroom or vanity keeps them in place and easy to access. Instead of a mess of tangled cords, store hair tools upright in their own compartment. Styling products and makeup can fit below the tools, and then you can slide them all into the cabinet.


Yard Organization

30. Gardening Organizer and Potting Bench

Frequent gardeners know the struggle of organizing their seeds, pots, soil, and gardening tools. Building an outdoor potting bench or shelf with sliding drawers and organizers will keep your gardening materials ready for every seasonal task. Use old dish tubs for drawers and a slide-out trash can to keep soil and mulch.


31. Outdoor Yard Tool Rack

Rakes, shovels, and other yard tools can take up a lot of space in your garage or backyard, not to mention they are easy to trip over. Create a sliding rack that keeps your tools up high and out of the way, but easily accessible and ready for yard work. Use long boards and pvc pipe to hold your tools in place, and then use drawer slides to move the rack in and out.


32. Deck Drawers

Another great way to maximize your outdoor storage space is to create drawers that slide right under your deck or porch. This project can be a little trickier, but it is a good solution for extra storage.


33. Sliding Awning or Curtains

While you are expanding your outdoor features, consider installing some sliding curtains around your porch or sitting area, as well as a sliding awning that can be pulled out to block rain or sun and pushed back in when not in use.


Miscellaneous Organization

34. Hidden Compartments

Hidden compartments are a fun project to use your craftsman skills. Add a hidden compartment behind your bed or in a bookshelf that slides out or to the side. Make the outside face of the compartment as seamless as possible with the rest of the furniture piece so it blends in unnoticed when it is closed. If you’re very ambitious, you could make an entire sliding bookshelf to lead to that secret room you’ve always wanted.


35. Sliding Mirrors and Pictures to Hide Safes

If you have a wall safe or hidden storage, or you want to add that feature to your home, you want it to be undetectable. Adding a sliding picture or mirror to your wall can hide your valuables while still leaving them easily accessible to you.


When you’re sure you’ve worked through every possible home improvement or repair job around the house. Think again. If wood work is your specialty, you’ll never run out of projects to better organize and declutter your spaces with these ideas. Not only are they practical, but they will also put your skills to the test. So grab your tool box and prepare to flex your carpentry muscles—it’s time to impress your friends and family with your creativity and organizational ingenuity.

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Best DIY RV Mods To Optimize Your Storage Space


Most RVs include a decent amount of storage space. The problem is finding a way to store what you need in a way that is functional in everyday life. It’s often difficult to access items in storage because many storage areas are too deep, too low, or too high to be convenient.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to optimize your RV to ensure your storage items are quick and easy to access. DIY sliding storage is one of the simplest modifications to make the most of your space. You’ll be surprised how a little RV mod can make a big difference in your organization and peace of mind.


Slide Storage For Tool Boxes

Slide Storage For Tool Boxes.png

You can keep your tools organized in your RV the same way you do at home by installing a metal tool chest. The same toolbox that might seem too wide or difficult to access becomes a compact way to store your tools for RV repairs when mounted on heavy duty drawer slides or a (shown) locking heavy duty drawer slide that locks in the open and closed position. The chest can be stored sideways and slide out from its storage compartment when in use.


Slide Storage For Coolers

Slide Storage For Coolers.png

(Photo Source: RV Wholesalers)

This simple modification allows you to keep your cooler accessible when you need it and out of sight when not in use. You can simply slide out the cooler to open it rather than having to haul it out of a compartment or down the steps of your RV. This mod also keeps your cooler from moving around during travel.


Slide Storage Cargo Trays

Slide Storage Cargo Trays

(Photo Source: Mod My RV)

You want to store the items you use outside of your RV in undercarriage storage, so make storing those items as organized and efficient as possible. Sliding trays allow you to keep equipment like black water drainage tubes close at hand. You can keep cleaning supplies, oil, and gas sorted and secured in a simple DIY sliding cargo tray. This project doesn’t require heavy-duty slides, but make sure the slide framing can hold up your storage tray when fully extended.


Dinette Bench Storage Pull-Outs

Dinette Bench Storage Pull-Outs

Dinette storage is an underutilized storage spot in RVs because it is usually difficult to access. A simple solution: install lightweight baskets to slide out from the storage space. You can fill up the whole compartment and just slide out the contents when you need it.


Trash Can Slide

Trash Can Slide

(Photo Source: Mod My RV)

A common problem in an RV is where to put the trash can. You want it easy to reach and out of sight at the same time. With this mod you can utilize nearly any cabinet as trash can storage. Use a cabinet slider kit to install a sliding tray and find the right size trash can to fit. A kit with just the sliders allows you to customize the slides to fit any cabinet space.


Pantry Slides

Pantry Slides

Installing pantry slides is a mod with several benefits. First, you can increase your pantry space in your RV by adding layers of storage to each cabinet. It can improve the efficiency of your kitchen space, too– no more losing food in the back of the cabinet. Your items will also stay in place better sitting in more individualized spaces.


Pull-Out Shelves For Pots And Pans

Pull-Out Shelves For Pots And Pans

Finding a space for everything can be an issue in an RV kitchen, and double pull out shelves is a great way to double your storage for pots and pans. Not only does it turn one cabinet into two, this mod can also help you keep your kitchen tools organized and tidy.


Pull-Down Cabinet Storage


Pull-Down Cabinet StorageThose high, skinny cabinets in your RV can finally be put to good use. Instead of lining the bottom with a single row of items, or installing a second shelf that’s so high up you can’t reach it, modify those cabinets with pull down racks. They can be locked in their lowered position for hands-free use and are perfect for storing glasses or stackable kitchen items, like plates and bowls.


Outdoor Cabinet Slides

Outdoor Cabinet Slides

(Photo Source: Vegabonders)

With a set of cabinet slides and a little DIY woodworking, you can transform any outdoor compartment into a useful storage cabinet. Full extension slides will let you pull out the cabinet or drawer entirely so you can access all its contents. You’ll want to create the drawer so it maximizes the space and still moves in and out on the slides with ease.


RV Mods For Ultimate Organization

Sliding storage RV mods can save you space and make accessing stored items much easier. Building your own sliding trays requires basic DIY skills, so don’t be too intimidated. Just be sure to measure your space carefully, mount the slides to a suitable surface, and make sure your slides and make sure your slides can hold the weight of both the tray and your cargo.


Ready to get started? You can check out our large selection of drawer slides to find the right components for your DIY RV mods.


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15 Awesome Projects To Use Those Spare Parts You Have Lying Around


If you spend time crafting or doing DIY projects around the house, you probably have a lot of extra materials lying around. For instance, you might have extra scrap wood, nails, screws, corner braces and many other spare parts tucked away in drawers or cabinets. Instead of gathering dust, put these scraps to good use!


Using what you have around the house is a great way to tidy up, keep busy, and complete fun household projects without the cost of buying new supplies. Here are 15 awesome DIY projects that make use of spare parts and put your hands to work:



Rustic Wall Shelving

There is nothing better to bring life to a bare wall than shelving. Rustic wall shelving takes a few spare boards and walnut stain and transforms them into unique rustic shelving for your wall. Using some rope as trim adds to the rustic feel.



An Outdoor Serving Station

If you love entertaining outdoors, this project will enhance your outdoor space so that when the next good weather day rolls around, you will be ready. This serving station contains shelves and a fold-out table platform that you can serve from. With just a few boards, a small wood panel, and some chain, you can easily construct this stylish piece.



Easy Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are great options for hard-to-use spaces. With some pre-cut particle board, some scrap wood and some basic tools, you can adds some very functional shelves to your living space. If you don’t want to use pre-cut boards, you can try an even simpler design with basic boards and corner braces.



Dog House

If you want to pamper your pooch, then try your hand at building an insulated dog house. With some plywood and styrofoam insulation, you can build a dog house that looks just like Snoopy’s. Or you could try a doghouse with a different design.



Bed Frame

You can build a bed frame with the headboard and footboard made from tongue and groove boards. This beautiful piece of furniture will be the highlight of your bedroom.



Light Table

If you have a home office and need a light table, this DIY design is perfect for you. It’s lightweight, mobile, and does not take up a lot room. Best of all, it only costs $60 to build compared to $500 for a commercial light table.



Coat Rack

This simple coat rack made from a few spare boards, creates a trompe l’oeil effect that makes it appear three-dimensional. It is a stylish, space-saving solution that you can create with common spare parts.



Cabinet  Organizer

If you are tired of rummaging through your cabinets for supplies, then this is a great project for you. With just a few pine boards and tools, you can bring order to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets by creating these shelves that attach to the door. You can even add a magnet to hold your bobby pins.



Upholstered Bench

This is a great upcycling project. Take an old coffee table and transform it into a stylish bench. With some tools, stain and nice fabric, you won’t have to take your old coffee table to the dump.



Stacked End Table Shelf

In another upcycling project, you can take an old end table and turn it into a stacked shelf. If you have an end table that has outlived its usefulness, you can cut it apart with a jigsaw and create stacked shelves on a wall. Add a bit of paint to make it a thing of beauty once more.




A pergola, or a wooden archway, is a great addition to your backyard garden. If you have recently built a deck and have extra posts and boards, this is a great project to try. This is a larger project that you might want to tackle over the course of a weekend when the weather is nice.



Industrial Coffee Table

This project uses 2 x 4 planks to create a sturdy top for the table. Adding wheels allows you to move the coffee table around the room. This rugged industrial-style table will be a beautiful addition to your living room.



Rolling Storage Carts

Storage space is at a premium, so these beautiful, industrial-style carts are both useful and beautiful. The bottom of the cart is made from plywood and the sides are made from boards. Attach castors to make it roll.



Drink Bar

This project re-purposes an IKEA Tarva chest of draws into a drink bar. Assemble the frame, but use the wood from the drawers to make doors instead. Add shelves and paint. You’ve got yourself a beautiful place to store your finer beverages when company comes over.



Chalk Board for Your Kitchen

Use chalkboard paint to create a communication center on one of your kitchen walls. This will help your family communicate better by leaving notes in a central location. If you don’t want to paint on a wall, you can also utilize a frame, door panel, or cabinetry.


Have Fun with DIY Projects

These great DIY projects will help you recycle your extra parts, tidy up your spaces, and improve your home. Plus, you’ll have fun while you’re at it! So what are you waiting for? Get started on your next DIY project today.

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5 Home Improvement & DIY Masters You Need to Follow on YouTube

There is an incredible amount of information online for home improvement and DIY projects. This is great news for handyman and crafty-minded folks, but it can be difficult to find the best sources in a sea of information.

For home improvement projects, it’s best to see the project being done by an experienced teacher. There’s no better place to find an experienced teacher visually sharing step-by-step instructions than YouTube. There are several YouTube channels that cover a wide variety of topics on home repair, upgrades, and maintenance. Here are the best YouTube channels for DIY home improvement projects:

FIX IT Home Improvement Channel

FIX IT Home Improvement Channel is run by Jacy Elsesser who has 20 years of experience in home repair and remodeling. Aside from owning hardware stores, he also remodeled properties in the greater Chicago area. His channel covers a wide range of topics including electrical work, plumbing, yard care, kitchen repair, drywall, tool tips, and maintenance. Elsesser also has a weekly podcast, and has published a book on home repair solutions and advice. His videos are great general advice or for beginners.

FIX IT Home Improvement Channel has over 23,000 subscribers on Youtube. Every month it seems more and more people are checking out his helpful videos. In December 2015 the channel received 688,000 views, but by February 2016 monthly viewership had grown to 930,000 views in a month. This is a channel on the rise you won’t want to miss!

Paul’s Toolbox

Paul’s Toolbox is run by Paul Ricalde who has 25 years of experience in home remodeling and also works in the tool industry. His channel covers topics such as gas stove information and maintenance, woodworking, wall repair, reconditioning, and structural repair. His channel offers excellent tips for ‘big project’ repairs such as window installation.

Paul’s Toolbox has over 25,000 subscribers and steady viewership numbers showing small increases over time. Over the last three months, the channel has averaged over 250,000 views per month.

Think Woodworks (Rustic Man)

The Think Woodworks channel (also known as RusticMan1973) is run by Izzy Swan, an innovative and creative woodworker. His videos cover topics such as woodworking how-to’s, tool creation, tool maintenance, creative and innovative woodworking ideas, and art pieces. His channel goes beyond the basics and touches on the creative aspects of many DIY projects. Izzy has a strong online presence with his active website Think Woodworks, Youtube channel, Instagram account, and Facebook account featuring regular content updates.

Think Wordworks has over 250,000 YouTube subscribers with another 30,000 followers combined between Facebook and Instagram. An average of 1.69 million views occur on his YouTube channel every month. You know this many people don’t turn up without a good reason! Think Woodworks delivers.

Matthias Wandel

This self-named channel is run by Matthias Wandel and approaches woodworking from a more engineering-based perspective. His videos (which are more technical in nature compared to others) cover topics such as lathe usage, how to use a grinder, tool repair, furniture building projects, and other tips. His channel is excellent for a more technical approach. is Wandel’s personal website which includes links to his videos and frequently asked questions

Matthias Wandel’s channel currently has over 680,000 subscribers. In terms of views, currently his numbers trend between 8 and 10 million per month. There’s no doubt Wandel’s channel is one of the most popular woodworking channel online.

Woodworking for Mere Mortals (StevinMarin)

Woodworking for Mere Mortals (also known as StevinMarin) is run by Steve Ramsey. The channel is focused on the idea that woodworking is an accessible craft and that you can create great projects without a lot of money or experience. Ramsey’s videos also reflect the “anyone can do it if they try” approach and cover basic how-to’s, project ideas, instruction, and general tips.

Woodworking for Mere Mortals has several different ways to connect including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as an official website and merchandise links which are listed in the channel’s about section. Woodworking for Mere Mortals is great if you’re just starting out or want to learn about new woodworking ideas or projects.

Woodworking for Mere Mortals has over 579,000 subscribers on Youtube, 181,000 likes on Facebook, over 10,000 followers on Twitter, and another 9,000+ on Instagram. The YouTube videos are viewed an average of 3.1 million times every month. Tune in now to see what you’ve been missing!

Improve Your DIY Skills By Learning From The Masters
Youtube offers a lot of information on DIY projects at no cost any time you need it. You can learn from woodworking experts with decades of experiences who publish new videos nearly every week. Not only are these channels popular, they each have their own approach and methods to teaching viewers. You can not only learn about the technical aspects of woodworking, but also practical and creative aspects as well. Hop over to YouTube and start learning today.

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Food Storage Idea For Pet Parents

For those of us who are pet parents, we know just how many items accumulate in regards to our fur-babies.

My two lovely ladies, Hannah and Madi are the apple of my eye.  Hannah is one year old and Madi is eight years old.  hannahandmadiThey both have unique dietary needs.  I have, in the past had up to three dogs, each of which had different dog food requirements.

Needing multiple bags of dry dog food, it was quite an eyesore seeing three large open bags of dry dog food sitting on  the laundry room floor.  All of the dogs were well-behaved and never offered to tip a bag creating an “all you can eat buffet!”  Storage was on my to-do list.


My solution was RV-50-52 & RV-50-17-52 (50 Qt.) Replacement Trash Cans and matching RV-LID-50, lids which are sold separately.  If you have smaller pets or prefer to purchase smaller bags of dry food, these containers also come in RV-35 (35 Qt.) series with matching lids sold separately.

Here is my helpful hint.  As responsible pet parents, we know feeding the proper portions is important to our babies health. The under side of the lid is the best place to post the proper cup/portion feeding for each animal.


Feeding instructions can be found on the side label of your vet recommended brand of pet food. Posting the instructions under the lid prevents overfeeding of your little friends.  I have dogs, but this would work for any animal. All critters need food! Storing the food in this manner keeps the open bags from being tipped over and possibly offering, as I said, the “all you can eat buffet” option. This storage solution also keeps the food free from insects and safe from the occasional-Mus musculus…better known as the house mouse.

The 4WCBM-15DM-1 4WCBM_15DM_LIFESTYLE_Ais a good item for home with a single dog home or multiple pets who share a common dry food.  This item has a soft close feature with rear storage. The lid is not included but I suggest purchasing the lid to keep the contents secure.  This Pull-out has a rear storage compartment which can hold anything from treats, toys, pet shampoos or other grooming items.

I hope this gives other pet parents some ideas on storing your pet foods.  As you can see, Hannah was involved in the creation of pictures for this article. hannafoodcontainersCould it have been the lids were open on the dog food? Probably so.

Now….I need to come up with a solution to store their abundant supply of toys!  Sounds like my next project. I’ll share what I come up with our readers soon!

If you have any ideas to share, leave some feedback. I would love to feature your ideas in a future article.

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How To Choose The Correct Length Full-Extension Drawer Slide

Full extension drawer slides are very popular with cabinet builders and homeowners. This style of slide provides access to all items stored in the drawer by allowing the drawer to extend all the way to the front edge of the cabinet.

The most common full-extension slides used in and around homes are generally rated for 100 lbs.

Why is it important to measure accurately?

By taking the time to measure correctly, you get the correct item and do not have to make returns to the store or online merchant. All this takes up valuable time and adds unnecessary cost to your project.

How do I correctly measure my drawer box?

When measuring your drawer, it is best to completely remove it from the cabinet or dresser. Depending on the type of slide you currently have, it may have a release lever or the drawer simply lifts and can be removed for measuring.

It usually isn’t necessary to remove the old hardware to get your measurement.

To measure the drawer, you take the measurement of only the drawer box. The false front (where the knob or pull attaches to the drawer) is NOT part of the drawer box.

How do I determine my inside cabinet depth?

First, look inside your cabinet for any obstructions, extensions, wooden supports or other structural items that may interfere with the operation of your drawer slides.

Full extension slides are side mounted drawer slides. If you are replacing or upgrading existing drawer slides, bear in mind due to the mounting orientation, you may find it difficult to switch to a full extension slide.

Measure the inside of the cabinet from inside front to the inside back wall. This will give you your cabinet depth.

Why is clearance important?

The common installation width on full extension slides is 1/2″ per side. If you do not have this clearance, you will not be able to install the slides.

To determine your clearance, measure the outside width of the drawer box. Now measure the inside width of the cabinet. For example, if your cabinet is 15″ wide (inside cabinet measurement) and your drawer box is 14″ wide (outside drawer box measurement) you will have the 1/2″ on each side to properly install the slides.

There is however, another type of full extension slides with a higher weight rating which have 3/4″ per side installation clearance. I will address that in another blog article.

Selecting your slides!

Now that you have accurately taken your measurements, you can select your drawer slides. If you have the proper clearance with no obstructions to interfere with the function of the slides, all that is left to do is determine what length to order.

If your drawer box is 16″ you would order a 16″ drawer slide. If the drawer measurement  is slightly off and is just a tad shorter than the full 16″ (as an example) 15 -3/4″, you would order the next size shorter to ensure the drawer will fully close.


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Tips For Choosing The Right Drawer Slide

There are 5 critical points to selecting the correct drawer slide for your application. Whether you have new construction or you are retro-fitting drawer slides, these tips will help you select the right slide for the job. Not all drawer slides work for retro-fit projects so when in doubt, ask a Tech Professional for advice.

1- Cabinet depth:

Cabinets come in a variety of depths. Knowing the inside cabinet depth is the main measurement needed when selecting the length of drawer slide to purchase. Drawer slides come in 2″ increments. If you have a 23″ inside cabinet depth, you would need to order a 22″ drawer slide and the rear mounting bracket to make up the additional 1″ of space for proper installation (if the slide needs to be mounted to the rear wall of the cabinet). Frameless cabinets do not need the rear mounting bracket as the slides mount directly to cabinet wall.

2- Drawer length:

Drawer length is critical for “undermount” drawer slides. Undermount slides do not offer the flexibility to “retro-fit” into existing drawer boxes. Also, there is a grooved drawer slide that fits into the recessed side of the drawer. The drawer box is typically made to match the length of the slide.drawer-slides-undermount

3- Installation width…..Space between drawer box and cabinet wall:

The standard installation width of drawer slides is 1/2″ per side of drawer. To determine your installation width, measure the inside cabinet width and the outside width of your drawer. Subtract the drawer width from the cabinet width and you will have the installation width of the drawer slide you need to purchase.

There are heavy-duty slides available for more substantial uses. Generally those slides have a 3/4″ per side installation width. Keep in mind where the smaller weight capacity drawer slides have detachable members, the heavy-duty slides do not come apart for installation.

4- Weight of drawer box and contents (Weight Load):

As a general rule, 100 lb. capacity slides are used for most applications. There are drawer slides with lower weight ratings that can be used for light-weight drawers. Drawers that carry heavier loads, (in the kitchen) for example, should have a 100 lb rating as they have heavier use and store heavier items than a drawer, for example, storing light weight DVDs.

Keep in mind, the weight of the drawer counts toward the load the slide will carry.

5- Environment-(Coastal compared to being inland)

Stainless steel drawer slides are used for coastal/humid regions where the slide has more exposure to temperature and humidity variations.

Zinc plated drawer slides are generally used for most applications as long as weather fluctuation is not a factor.


OVISonline link to Drawer Slide Category

NOTE:  Another point to consider is the function and cost of the slides. The cost of drawer slides can be relatively inexpensive for a basic partial extension slide. Upgrades such as full extension, full extension with “soft close” feature, undermount with “soft close”, or the heavy-duty 500 lb. weight capacity rating, add to the overall cost of the slides.

When upgrading your cabinets, it may cost a bit more for the full extension-soft close slides, but the extra cost is a re-gained if you decide to sell your home. Buyers in the market for a new home, like the upgraded touches in kitchens and bathrooms that soft close drawer slides offer.


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We Are Green

Here at OVIS, we are trying to do our part to help reduce the amount of foam packing peanuts used each year.
John Shredder

In 2009, we purchased a cardboard packing shredder to reduce the amount of foam packing peanuts we use each year. By using the packing boxes sent to from our vendors, we can eliminate the need for mass amounts of packing peanuts for the large/heavy items we ship to our customers. The shredded cardboard pads better for heavy items than the foam peanuts, which compress under the weight of the Cookware Organizers and Wire Pull-out Baskets we carry.

Cardboard is shredded weekly here at OVIS for packing material. The shredder takes a solid piece of cardboard into the front end of the machine and once the blades do their magic, the end result is a flexible/stretchable piece of shipping material.

There is never a dull moment with John around.

Being green is fun!

Many types of cardboard can be safely used as compost. has a wonderful and article about which types of cardboard can be composted easily. The shredded product we use is perfect for the home gardener to add to their compost pile. It is easy to tear apart into smaller pieces and the shredded texture will allow the material to breakdown faster resulting in a great soil conditioner.

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Door Mounted Spice Rack-Are Your Shelves In The Way?

565 Series Door Mount Spice Rack-Organizer

I had a customer call today needing an RMA for a 565-10-52 Door Mount Spice Rack. It seems that her cabinet shelves were not allowing her to use the product and also close her cabinet door. I issued her RMA and while offering her a possible product for her dilemma, I thought to myself that this could be a good blog article. carries a variety of Rev-a-Shelf, Door Mount Spice Racks. From the budget friendly 565 Series, to the top of the line 4ASR Series, you are sure to find one that will work for you.

Let me begin with the 565 Series. This Spice Rack is made of Heavy Gauge White Wire and installs quickly with only 4 screws.  The top three shelves are for your bottled spices and has a lower rack for larger containers like jars of bullion cubes, etc. The shelves are not adjustable and offers little flexibility when installing.  Yes, you could raise or lower your cabinet shelves to accommodate the unit, (unless you have shelves that are fixed in place), but if you are like me, you have that cabinet already set for other items and raising the cabinet shelves would result in rethinking what you are already storing in the cabinet. Call me lazy, but I look for a fast and easy “Mess to Managed” project.

4SR Series Door Mount Spice Rack-Organizer

Next in the series are the 4SR units. These are made from birch/maple hardwood and will match to about any cabinet finish. The 4SR series offers three shelves for storing spices which have chrome front rails making this unit sleek and stylish. Again, the only draw back with this unit is the shelves are not adjustable. You could adjust your cabinet shelves or mount the unit to where the spice rack will not hit your cabinet shelves. There is no guarantee that this will work for all customers applications.  You may end up returning the product for the same reason as the customer I helped earlier today.

Quick Tip: Always look for PDF files that show you the measurements of the product. PDF’s can save you from returning an item that just doesn’t quite work for you. Keep this in mind: Manufacturers supply one image of the entire product line so-never, never, never, shop by the picture. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “It looked bigger/smaller in the picture”.  Print the PDF out and take it to your cabinet so you can see how the rack will fit in your cabinet before you order. (I am sharing, not preaching. I “assumed” when I ordered something from another website and got an item that smaller than what I thought I was ordering).

4ASR Series Door Mounted Spice Rack-Organizer

The 4ASR series has adjustable shelves which allows much more flexibility when you install the unit on your cabinet door. You still have the birch/maple hardwood with the chrome front rail so you still have a stylish unit. The 4ASR comes with 2 slotted standards which allows you to place the spice shelves where you need them. Keep in mind when you have the unit mounted it takes up 4″ inside your cabinet when you close the door. (Note product image) Personally, this is the unit I would recommend to everyone. Yes, it is the most expensive, but by the time you return another unit that may not work with your shelves, you could have put the money wasted in return shipping into this little beauty and had a unit that gives you more flexibility when you install it.

I hope this little article helps you out if you are in the market for a way to organize your spices. It never hurts to take a second look at the cabinet you intend to use the product in. It takes the fun out of “Mess to Managed” projects when you have to return an item that does not work for your application. If you find yourself thinking, “Will my shelves possibly be in the way?” The 4ASR just may be the answer for you!

Do you have an item you want to know more about? Have you recently installed a spice rack? I would love to see pictures of your completed projects or even see what you are trying to organize. Don’t forget to leave feedback.

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