Kitchen Aid Mixer Storage – No Problem with the Mixer Lift

Rev-A-Shelf, RAS-ML-HDCR,  Heavy Duty Mixer Lift

Rev-A-Shelf, RAS-ML-HDCR, Heavy Duty Mixer Lift

For all you fabulous cooks and bakers out there who are are addicted to your Heavy Duty Kitchen Mixer – We have the perfect solution for not only storing your mixer out of the way but also making it easier on your back with the RAS-ML-HDCR – Heavy Duty Mixer Lift.

Once you have this item, you will wonder how you ever got along without it! This mixer lift unit, creates a way to store your mixer and easily lift it up out of your cabinet, without exerting any strain to your back  everytime you want to use it.  Plus, you get the added bonus of eliminating countertop clutter by neatly stowing your heavy duty mixer in your cabinet.  No more lifting!  Just open your cabinet door and let the lift system do all the work of  bringing your mixer up to countertop height with a simple tug.

Rev-A-Shelf, RAS-ML-HDCR, Chrome Heavy Duty Mixer/Appliance Lift

Mixer Lift in Stop Motion

A great bonus to this item is that it can installed into any size width of cabinet.  However, you cannot install the Rev-A-Shelf Mixer Lift into any cabinet that has a drawer.   This unit generally requires a full-height cabinet.  Don’t forget – you will need to have a piece of wood cut to fit across the arms once the unit has been installed to serve as your shelf.  This will allow you to match they type/color of wood you desire to match your cabinetry.

All of the necessary specifications and instructions are listed under this product on our website at if you would like to inquire about the measurements needed or any installation questions you may have.

Check out the product reviews for the RAS-ML-HDCR to see what I’m telling is true – You Are Going To LOVE This Mixer Lift!

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