Top Ways to Organize Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

Let’s face it, times are tough for most people these days. We’ve got some ideas to make your life a little bit easier and not break the bank.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s not only a living  and entertaining area, but a work area too. A bit of organization can go a long way to reducing the stress level in your everyday hectic life. So here are my “Big Bang for the Buck Items”

Image of Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-2 S

Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-2 S White Double Pull-Out Waste Container

The kitchen waste container may be the most used item in your kitchen, if not the whole house. The only other thing that can rival it is the fridge. The Rev-A-Shelf RV-KD series starts at $57.50 and runs up to the $85.77 range and is a very economical way to hide the trash can away, yet be fully functional and practical for recycling and sorting trash.  If you decide now or later, you can mount your cabinet door to the unit with the RV-Door Mount Kit, so it’s one easy pull to access the trash.

Rev-A-Shelf 2 Prong Pull-Out Towel Bar

Rev-A-Shelf 2 Prong Pull-Out Towel Bar

Our pull out dish towel bars are also an inexpensive accessory it get those dish rags off the countertop and hung up so they dry quickly. has 3 versions to choose from. My favorite is actually the least expensive ($13.37), the 563-51-c two prong pull out towel bar. As opposed to the 3 prong models it has a ball bearing slide, and travels much smoother. They also make great gift items. OVIS  also has an even cheaper white and chrome fixed towel bar that can mount to the back of a cabinet door.

Rev-A-Shelf 6572-14 Tip Out Tray for sink fronts

Rev-A-Shelf 6572-14 Tip Out Tray for sink fronts

Tip Out Trays for your sink fronts are a nice functional storage organizer that keeps scouring pads, sponges, soap, and other clutter from around your sink. For most face frame sink base cabinets, a double 14″ kit works out nicely. It comes with two trays and two pairs of hinges. One tray is called the standard, which is completely smooth. The second tray is called an accessory tray and has a ridged  divider for holding a bar of soap so it doesn’t stick and has a ring post to put your rings on while doing the heavy lifting. The 6572-14 is available in white and almond for less than $19. also has a wide variety  of sizes in stainless steel. And for easy cleanup, just lift them off and throw them in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Rev-A-Shelf RT Series Drawer Organizers

Rev-A-Shelf RT Series Drawer Organizers

Rev-A-Shelf’s Rolling Tray Drawer Organizers fill the bill for increasing and organizing your cutlery, silverware and utility drawers. This series of drawer organizers has 2 levels. The bottom level is like a regular drawer divider, but has grooves that the wheels on the upper tray ride in. The top tray rolls to the front or back to access the bottom tray. The top tray can also be easily lifted out for even more access. Prices run for $26 to $37. The RT series is available in many sizes and must be cut to fit your drawer. This ensures a perfect fit so it doesn’t slide around in your drawer. There are two ways of cutting these. One is to score the plastic with a utility knife and then snap the waste off and smooth it up with some sandpaper. The other is to use a tablesaw. Either way make sure to cut equal amounts off each side so it’s centered, and measure twice and cut once! Contact us if you need  help with sizes.

Rev-A-Shelf 4SBSU Sink Base Door Organizer

Rev-A-Shelf 4SBSU Sink Base Door Organizer

The Rev-A-Shelf 4SBSU Series ($37-$47) is designed for a sink base cabinet, but I think it can be used in many different ways. Of course cleaners, scouring pads and like, as pictured. But what about foil, plastic wrap, food storage bags, garbage bags. In a food storage cabinet it could hold tall skinny items like pasta, cooking oil, chop sticks and skewers, let you imagination run wild.

Have a great idea? Let us know in the comments section below


About Chip Wimbauer

OVIS has been serving the woodworking industry in the Mid-Atlantic states since 1989. With our website, we now offer supplies to all of North America. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm eastern time. OVIS is a small family owned business in Millwood, West Virginia. We started in 1989, serving local custom cabinet shops, store fixture manufacturers, commercial casework manufacturers, and woodworking hobbyists. We started an information only website in 1999 and gained many customers from all over the country. Our early success on the web made us realize many people were looking for responsive suppliers to fill their needs. To provide even better service to our growing customer base, we started our e-commerce site in 2002 and have been growing rapidly ever since.
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