15 Awesome Projects To Use Those Spare Parts You Have Lying Around


If you spend time crafting or doing DIY projects around the house, you probably have a lot of extra materials lying around. For instance, you might have extra scrap wood, nails, screws, corner braces and many other spare parts tucked away in drawers or cabinets. Instead of gathering dust, put these scraps to good use!


Using what you have around the house is a great way to tidy up, keep busy, and complete fun household projects without the cost of buying new supplies. Here are 15 awesome DIY projects that make use of spare parts and put your hands to work:


(source: http://www.makinghomebase.com)

Rustic Wall Shelving

There is nothing better to bring life to a bare wall than shelving. Rustic wall shelving takes a few spare boards and walnut stain and transforms them into unique rustic shelving for your wall. Using some rope as trim adds to the rustic feel.



An Outdoor Serving Station

If you love entertaining outdoors, this project will enhance your outdoor space so that when the next good weather day rolls around, you will be ready. This serving station contains shelves and a fold-out table platform that you can serve from. With just a few boards, a small wood panel, and some chain, you can easily construct this stylish piece.


(source: http://www.everydayoriginals.com)

Easy Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are great options for hard-to-use spaces. With some pre-cut particle board, some scrap wood and some basic tools, you can adds some very functional shelves to your living space. If you don’t want to use pre-cut boards, you can try an even simpler design with basic boards and corner braces.


(source: http://www.handymantips.org)

Dog House

If you want to pamper your pooch, then try your hand at building an insulated dog house. With some plywood and styrofoam insulation, you can build a dog house that looks just like Snoopy’s. Or you could try a doghouse with a different design.


(source: http://www.homedepot.com)

Bed Frame

You can build a bed frame with the headboard and footboard made from tongue and groove boards. This beautiful piece of furniture will be the highlight of your bedroom.


(source: http://blog.creativelive.com)

Light Table

If you have a home office and need a light table, this DIY design is perfect for you. It’s lightweight, mobile, and does not take up a lot room. Best of all, it only costs $60 to build compared to $500 for a commercial light table.



Coat Rack

This simple coat rack made from a few spare boards, creates a trompe l’oeil effect that makes it appear three-dimensional. It is a stylish, space-saving solution that you can create with common spare parts.


(source: http://www.ovisonline.com)

Cabinet  Organizer

If you are tired of rummaging through your cabinets for supplies, then this is a great project for you. With just a few pine boards and tools, you can bring order to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets by creating these shelves that attach to the door. You can even add a magnet to hold your bobby pins.


(source: http://thekolbcorner.com)

Upholstered Bench

This is a great upcycling project. Take an old coffee table and transform it into a stylish bench. With some tools, stain and nice fabric, you won’t have to take your old coffee table to the dump.


(source: http://www.infarrantlycreative.net)

Stacked End Table Shelf

In another upcycling project, you can take an old end table and turn it into a stacked shelf. If you have an end table that has outlived its usefulness, you can cut it apart with a jigsaw and create stacked shelves on a wall. Add a bit of paint to make it a thing of beauty once more.




A pergola, or a wooden archway, is a great addition to your backyard garden. If you have recently built a deck and have extra posts and boards, this is a great project to try. This is a larger project that you might want to tackle over the course of a weekend when the weather is nice.



Industrial Coffee Table

This project uses 2 x 4 planks to create a sturdy top for the table. Adding wheels allows you to move the coffee table around the room. This rugged industrial-style table will be a beautiful addition to your living room.



Rolling Storage Carts

Storage space is at a premium, so these beautiful, industrial-style carts are both useful and beautiful. The bottom of the cart is made from plywood and the sides are made from boards. Attach castors to make it roll.



Drink Bar

This project re-purposes an IKEA Tarva chest of draws into a drink bar. Assemble the frame, but use the wood from the drawers to make doors instead. Add shelves and paint. You’ve got yourself a beautiful place to store your finer beverages when company comes over.



Chalk Board for Your Kitchen

Use chalkboard paint to create a communication center on one of your kitchen walls. This will help your family communicate better by leaving notes in a central location. If you don’t want to paint on a wall, you can also utilize a frame, door panel, or cabinetry.


Have Fun with DIY Projects

These great DIY projects will help you recycle your extra parts, tidy up your spaces, and improve your home. Plus, you’ll have fun while you’re at it! So what are you waiting for? Get started on your next DIY project today.


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