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Expert Advice On Matching Knobs And Decor

Cabinet knobs and pulls may seem like just another small hardware piece that you don’t need to put much thought into. In reality, knobs and pulls act as accessories for your cabinets and can make or break the rest of … Continue reading

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35 Clever DIY Projects To Test Your Cabinetry Skills

You find yourself with a workshop full of material and nothing fun to work on—we’ve all been there. Have all the drawers in the kitchen been switched out, and there’s not a single wood guide in the house? Grandaughter already … Continue reading

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5 Home Improvement & DIY Masters You Need to Follow on YouTube

There is an incredible amount of information online for home improvement and DIY projects. This is great news for handyman and crafty-minded folks, but it can be difficult to find the best sources in a sea of information. For home … Continue reading

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Food Storage Idea For Pet Parents

For those of us who are pet parents, we know just how many items accumulate in regards to our fur-babies. My two lovely ladies, Hannah and Madi are the apple of my eye.  Hannah is one year old and Madi is … Continue reading

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We Are Green

Here at OVIS, we are trying to do our part to help reduce the amount of foam packing peanuts used each year. In 2009, we purchased a cardboard packing shredder to reduce the amount of foam packing peanuts we use each year. By … Continue reading

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Door Mounted Spice Rack-Are Your Shelves In The Way?

I had a customer call today needing an RMA for a 565-10-52 Door Mount Spice Rack. It seems that her cabinet shelves were not allowing her to use the product and also close her cabinet door. I issued her RMA … Continue reading

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Cabinet Knobs and Pulls: Simple Project Start To Finish!

Are you building a new kitchen? Are you giving your old cabinets a fresh look? No matter which project your are about to embark on….keep this in mind- Decorative Cabinet Hardware is like the frosting on the cake and we … Continue reading

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DIY Terms: For Dummies Like Myself!

I have, over the years, developed quite the DIY vocabulary list. Most of my terms are somewhat technical sounding and I have decided to share some of them with you. Bear in mind, I had no brothers growing up and was dads … Continue reading

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The Holidays Are Coming-Prepared Or Not!?! Is Your Kitchen Ready?

It’s hard to believe October is already here. Everywhere you look people are putting out their fall decorations and “spooking” out the lawn in preparation for Halloween. Personally, I love Halloween and I already have this years costume for the annual “Thompson-Halloween Gala” held by … Continue reading

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