Cabinet Knobs and Pulls: Simple Project Start To Finish!

Are you building a new kitchen? Are you giving your old cabinets a fresh look? No matter which project your are about to embark on….keep this in mind- Decorative Cabinet Hardware is like the frosting on the cake and we all love cake! No, wait? Maybe it’s we all love frosting?  Anyway, I’m getting off point…. Long before I started my “Mess to Managed” projects, I swapped out my cabinet pulls. It is a very fast and easy project that takes only an hour or so once you get your hardware style picked out. I personally like a solid pull. They are easier to keep clean but I dearly love the more ornate style. If it weren’t for baking and possibly getting dough in them, I would swap mine out again in a heartbeat. Simple functionality works for me.

A few things to keep in mind: Before ordering knobs and pulls, be sure to find out if screws are included. Although screws are generally included, there are knobs that do not come with them. The more budget friendly-inexpensive plastic knobs and pulls usually do not include screws. Knowing this ahead of time saves in needing to order screws or make a trip to the hardware store later.  Also, depending on the thickness of cabinet doors and drawer fronts, the screws provided may be too short. Manufacturers have one set length of screw for their product and these do not always work for all customers applications. If that is the case, buy breakaway screws.  This type of screw allows you to easily cut it to the length you need.

OK, I mentioned I did a little swap out of my pulls. I am telling you this because I came up two pulls short for my project. When ordering your knobs and pulls take the time to get an accurate count. It is easy to overlook the small upper cabinets in kitchens when doing your count. Also, consider ordering a few extra of the items. Years of use can take a toll on the most used hardware. Ordering extras will ensure you have a replacement if you need one later. Remember, as with today’s fashion styles, hardware also changes with the times. What is available today may not be around 5 years from now.

If your doors and drawers are already drilled, be sure to measure the distance between the two holes for the pulls.  Because the distance varies, it is important to know the spacing between the two holes. Pulls are measured using the “Center to Center” measurement of the holes. 

If you are replacing old hardware to give your older cabinets or furniture a fresh look, you may have an unusual center to center measurement making it hard to find new pulls. Quick Tip:  If this happens consider using a back plate to cover your old set of holes.

If your cabinet doors and drawers are new, consider where you would like your knobs to be positioned on the door.  Basic rule of thumb, on wall cabinets, the knobs are generally 4” above the bottom of the door. On base cabinets, placement is about 3-4” from the top of the door.

After you have established the approximate placement of your knobs, you should make a template or a pattern.  This will help keep the knobs at a uniform level throughout your kitchen, with little room for error. Make a backward “L” shaped block of wood with enough overhang on one side that it will fit on the door. This simple trick will make it very easy to do your measurements.

Use small pieces of wood for the “L” shaped frame, and use a thin piece of plywood or other thin wood for the light blue area. By placing the thin wood on top of the frame (dark blue) you have created a pattern/template that will fit snugly to the cabinet edge, making it easy to mark the hole where you want the knob placed.

The backward “L” template should resemble and fit like a “steel square” (like what carpenters use) on the corner of your cabinet, and the overlapping part will have a pre-drilled hole at the level that you want your knobs to be.  If you do not have the wood materials to make such a pattern, simply use heavy stock cardboard. Secure your pattern/template in place and use nail set or other device to mark the correct height of your knobs. The final step is to drill your holes. It is easy to scratch the finish of your cabinet doors. Quick Tip: An easy way to prevent this from happening, is to put a bit of masking tape on the surface before you drill.  If you happen to drill too enthusiastically it will prevent help prevent the drill from scratching the door.

The screws are inserted from the back of the door into the knob and screwed tightly to the cabinet door.  You could also countersink the holes you have drilled before screwing on the knobs.  This will keep the head of the screw from sticking out from the back of your cabinet. Although countersinking your screws eliminates the screw head from protruding slightly, it is not a necessary step and in no way interferes with the functionality of your cabinet or cabinet hardware.

I hope this little article helps you when purchasing pulls and knobs. Remember, hardware comes in many styles that can coordinate with the overall style of your kitchen.  Whether it is a new installation or you are just doing a little facelift…a simple swap of hardware can give your kitchen a whole new look on even the tightest budget. And don’t forget….count twice….order once! When you are done send me your pictures!

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Project Insomnia: Lookout Laundry Room!

I have battled insomnia for most of my adult life. Before starting my Mess to Managed projects, I would usually surf the channels and see what my late night buddies, Jay, Dave and Jimmy were up to! Those guys are great and always there to keep me company until I finally unwind and fall back asleep. As of last night, the guys have had to take a back seat.  After a couple of hours of what must have been pretty productive sleep, I awoke at 1:00 am ready to go! “Where did I go” you ask? I’ll tell you where I went! Straight to the laundry room where I was met with piles of dirty laundry heaped upon the floor. Who’s at fault for the mess on the floor? I could blame my two guys but I did say, “Just throw the dirty stuff on the floor and I’ll get to it.” Fortunately, I have a separate laundry room with a door. Quick fix….close the door! Can I get an Amen, if you’ve ever done this?

Before-Mess to Managed Project-Laundry Room

There’s a Double Door-(Face Frame) Base Cabinet beside my washer and dryer. The left side has a utility sink above it and the cabinet measures 21″ height x 21″ width x 22″ deep.  The drain pipe from the sink leaves roughly 7-3/4″ of clearance to the floor of the cabinet.

Drain Clearance

The right side opening has nothing in the way of an obstruction. It is a  21″ height x 21″ width x 22″ deep cabinet that housed a plastic tote which was stuffed with old jeans, that I will never squeeze into again (but have held on to all the same), a small throw blanket, a black apron and a few other odds and ends. On top of the tote was patriotic bunting from the July 4th holiday and a table cloth.  The doors were raised panels, but the panels had been busted out long ago. I emptied the cabinets and found the panels on the bottom of the cabinet floors. The panel to the left I managed to repair and insert in the door frame, but the one to the right was damaged beyond being salvageable. My son, who happened to stumble upon me (and scare me out of my skin), suggested removing the door and the hinges-leaving the cabinet completely open. After very brief consideration, we took the door off!

Emptied Cabinet-Ready To Begin Project Insomnia

The right side is perfect for a Pull-out Hamper Unit. The HPRV-1520 S will work for keeping the laundry off the floor and the dog’s water bowl more accessible to them. I was actually torn between a hamper unit and a waste container unit. I could put a pull-out waste container in the same cabinet and store dog food instead. I love my 3 dogs, but also I hate a pile of dirty laundry on the floor! Looks like mama gets a new HPRV-1520 S. Having removed the door, the hamper will have ample air flow, thus eliminating the possibility of developing a musty smell from the soiled laundry.

The door to the left is a bit more tricky. The measurements are exactly the same as the right, but that utility sink-drain pipe limits what I can use. I have a couple of options.

OPTION 1:  I can install pull out wire basket, a 5WB1-0918-CR, on the right side of the cabinet and that will leave me space to its left for another unit. With a “low profile” height of  7″,  it works under the pipe. It has full extension slides and installs with 4 screws. Most people use this item in their kitchen for storing pots and pans, but it will also work in other areas of the house. The width of the unit is 8-3/8″.  That would leave me roughly 12″ width for a second item.

OPTION 2:  I can use pull out wood drawer, the 4WDB-12 fits instead of the 5wb1 unit. It is 11″ wide and would leave me 10″ of space for another item next to it. That 10″ would allow me to also use a 5WB1-0918 CR beside it.  The 4WDB-12 has a height of 5-3/8″ so it also fits under the pipe. I really like the Wood Pull-out Drawer. It is well made with dove-tail joints so I know it will hold up for years of continual use. I plan to keep my laundry detergents, bleach and fabric softeners in there so, whatever I choose will get a lot of use.  I had left the detergents etc. on the countertop by the sink. It is nice to have them stored out of sight and easily accessible at the same time, plus freeing up the countertop space!

I have had my eye on the Undersink Caddy 544-10 C for quite sometime. The width is 11-1/4″. It was love at first sight for me. This baby keeps your all of your cleaners in a handy “take along” caddy so you open the door, grab the handle and you are off with everything you need! No running back because you forgot the paper towels or window cleaner. The 544-10 C has a tray at the top for a your roll of paper towels. There is just enough space to the left of the drain pipe where this little gem will store nicely.

What to do?

  1. The 4WDB-12 and the 544-10 C  (Although in my mind, it worked- they could not mount together in my 21″ opening.)  Again it was that pesky hinge issue. I had hoped to off-mount the 544 and have the front of the slides which were slightly narrower than the 11-1/4″ overall width pass through the opening without a hitch. NOTE: You can’t fudge the installation! Close, but quoting an old television show Get Smart-“Missed it by that much”-Don Adams as Maxwell Smart.
  2. The 5WB1-0918 and the 544-10 C fit side by side in the opening, BUT (I wasn’t happy with how the handle had to be placed on the Caddy in order for it to fit between the utility sink and the cabinet wall)
  3. I trashed the original plans and added an OPTION 3!  (I’m female-we do that sometimes)
  4. I decided to use a 5WB1-2122-CR. It is 20-3/8″ wide x 22″ depth x 7″ height. Fill the entire space with one item.
  5. Relocate the 544-10 C to the space under my sink (that is yet another project in the near future) and return the 4WDB-12.

What have I learned? Don’t try to “fudge” an installation. If you have 21″ you have 21″! There is no wiggle room. You save yourself the possibility of returning a product. Fortunately for me, I work here. My returns are simple. I don’t have to worry about the cost of returning the product. Go by what your measurements are and save the added step of returning a product and also the money for return shipping. I’m not ashamed to say, “I made a boo-boo”. But, the project is complete and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

5WB1-2122-CR and HPRV-1520 S

What do you think? Do you have a laundry room that needs re-vamping or have you recently used a Rev-a-Shelf hamper unit to get your mess managed? We’d love to hear your story. Use the comment box below to share your story. We love feedback! I have shown my mess…show me yours!

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DIY Terms: For Dummies Like Myself!

I have, over the years, developed quite the DIY vocabulary list. Most of my terms are somewhat technical sounding and I have decided to share some of them with you. Bear in mind, I had no brothers growing up and was dads gopher for much of my early years. Lord knows he tried to teach me right, but I just didn’t grasp the correct name for some of the tools I had to go get for him. To this day, I call things by the wrong name but I can tell you what they are, what they are used for, and I usually use them correctly. There is still the occasion a screw driver will make due when a hammer isn’t within arms reach.

DIY: Simple term meaning-Do it yourself. You do the work. You save the money and if all else fails, you call a friend who has the skills.

Whatcha-ma-thingie: A part that is left over after an installation. Mystery part that even though it wasn’t used, does not affect the function of the item.

Do-Flotchie: Term used when you can’t remember what something is called. (see also: Whatcha-ma-thingie)

Star Screw Driver:  Technical term for a Phillips Head Screw Driver.

Straight Screw Driver: Technical term for Standard Flat Head Head Screw Driver.

The Jabby Think With A Handle: That ice picky looking thing. Correct definition: Awl- A pointed tool for making or marking/starting holes in wood or leather.

Destruction Sheet: The paper that comes with the product that you put in a safe place so you will have it when you need it…..but then can’t find when you start the project! Correct definition: Instruction Sheet: Step by step paper for installation or assembly of what you bought.

Measurey Thing: That thing in a metal case that you pull out to measure long things. Correct definition: Tape Measure-A tape measure or measuring tape is a flexible form of ruler. It consists of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fiber glass, or metal strip with linear-measurement markings.

Tape Measurer: A person that measures pieces of tape?  (I was corrected many times by my dad using this little gem) Correct defintion: Tape Measurer: A person that measures tape! (Not to be confused with a tape measure which is also known as the Measurey Thing.)

Plastic Gauge Thing With Wires: The black thing that you use to see if there is a electric current. (Much safer than sticking your tongue on a 9 volt battery terminal like dad tricked me into doing when I was a kid).  Correct definition: Ohm meter-used to find electrical malfunctions in your home.

The Angle Cutting Thing: The yellow plastic thing that has cuts all over it. Correct definition: Miter box-A box used to make manual miter/angled edges in woodworking.

The Persuader: Any type of pounding device used to convince two parts to fit together or into one space.  (Not recommended nor should you ever implement the use of…when there is a warranty issue)  Correct definition: Hammer

These are just a few of the “Donna-isms” I use when I’m doing a DIY project. Do you have any “isms” you would like to share?  I would love to hear your comments. Yes, I am still working on my “Mess to Managed Projects” and have another installment for the Blog, just about ready to publish. Please share your projects before and after pictures with me. I have posted all my ugly before and fabulous afters for everyone to comment on. Now, you show me yours! I may use your images in a future blog article.

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The Holidays Are Coming-Prepared Or Not!?! Is Your Kitchen Ready?

It’s hard to believe October is already here. Everywhere you look people are putting out their fall decorations and “spooking” out the lawn in preparation for Halloween. Personally, I love Halloween and I already have this years costume for the annual “Thompson-Halloween Gala” held by my neighbors.

We get caught up getting the kids ready for Halloween, buying the latest Super Hero, Fairy Princess, and assorted Ghoul and Goblin costumes or making the other crazy costumes they think up. Then you have to buy the candy to hand out! How much should I buy? Will I have a lot of “Trick or Treaters” this year? Do I get the cheap candy mix or get the stuff I know we will eat if we don’t hand it all out?

Two Tier Cookware Organizer

After all this is done, we tend to forget that Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching. I have been working on organizing my kitchen cabinets for a while now and I’m still not completely ready to pull off a big Holiday dinner, but I’m on my way! Who hasn’t had to dig for a pot or pan in the stack we keep in the cabinet? Organization is the key! Since I have added the Cookware Organizer to my kitchen cabinet, doing a simple Sunday dinner is a breeze. I know without a doubt, it will make my holiday cooking so much easier than last year!  Now I don’t have to kneel before my cabinet and beg it not to dump the entire stack on the floor after I get the one I need. I open the door, slide the unit out and voila, neatly organized lids, pots and skillets.

It does not matter who is doing the cooking, during the holiday season, it is STRESSFUL! There is so much to do and it seems there is never enough time in the day to get everything done we need to do! Now is the time reflect on holidays gone by and remember the things that could have made preparation of dinner easier.

Mixer Lift In-Motion

Do you have a KitchenAid mixer sitting on your countertop? Do you have a full height cabinet? (One with no drawer above it) The Rev-a-Shelf Heavy Duty Mixer Lift could be just the ticket to free up your counter space. The RAS-ML-HDCR stores the mixer in the cabinet until you are ready to use it then, lifts the mixer to countertop height when you need it! With all the prep work you face, that freed space is a blessing! Holidays and baking go hand-in-hand.  You may be baking breads, rolls, cookies and pies. If you have extra space beneath your Mixer Lift once it is installed, you may consider adding a Chrome Wire Pull-out Basket (as pictured) for storing other baking items, Why not add this item to your kitchen and it easier on yourself. It also makes a wonderful gift for baker in your family. Christmas is coming and you and I both know, it’s hard to find things that mom or dad may not already have! If they have the full height cabinet and mixer, this could be their favorite gift from Santa.

Door Mount Spice Rack

If you are like me, you have a cabinet over your stove that has a hodgepodge of spice bottles. I plan to add a Door Mounted Spice Rack to the cabinet beside my stove. I can’t tell you how many times I have to drag a chair to the stove so I can reach the cabinet and get my spices. (Actually, I can tell you! Practically, every night when I cook dinner.) Think about it, during the holidays we constantly need spices and seasonings for our dishes. It is a hassle to dig around the cupboard and find what we are looking for. With a spice rack, it simplifies finding the correct bottle and prevents you from accidentally knocking a bottle in the gravy!

During Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, wouldn’t it be nice to be better prepared than last year? Wouldn’t you love to spend more time with the family and less time fussing with an unorganized mess? As for me, I plan to get my cabinets in order and eliminate the problems I faced last baking season. Now is the time to take a look at your kitchen and see what you could add to make your holidays, joyful.

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Trays In Disarray!

Tray Divider Cabinet Before

Well, I have completed organizing two cabinets and now I’m inspired. The next cabinet is a small one, but is as equally a mess as the first two I knocked out. I stared at my newly decked out, double door cabinet and basked in my “happy cabinets” as I like to refer to them. I have been showing them off to my family and friends. Then I would open the door beside them and my head would hang in shame. Poor sad little cabinet.

It was going to be a very inexpensive, simple and practical organization project. Three 12″ Tray Dividers 597-12-52 was all it was going to take. They come with everything you need for installation (Trays, clips and screws).  The tray dividers are sold individually and only run around $7.00-$14.00 each depending on the size you purchase. My cabinet is a face frame cabinet with a 12″ door opening. The cabinet inside is 13-1/2″ in width. Once again it housed a tiny little useless excuse for a shelf that took up just enough room to keep the door from closing when I put my baking sheets inside. On top of the baking sheets, I balanced my pitchers and the occasional cutting board.

Removal Of Old Shelf

 Start to Finish Steps:

  1. Empty all the baking sheets, pitchers, pan splatter guards, cutting boards, wire cooling racks and the long missing store savings card (So that’s where that thing went) from the cabinet.
  2. Jigsaw out that pesky shelf and vacuum up the sawdust.
  3. Put the fixing clips on the Tray Dividers and determine/measure for the spacing and screw them into place. (Tip: Putting the clips on the dividers makes it easier to stand the trays up for a visual of how you want them spaced in the cabinet. You can remove the clips or leave them on to screw them into the base and back wall of the cabinet.) I measured 3″ in from either side then split the difference for the center divider. There is no “right or wrong” way as to the distance between trays. It’s all up to you!
  4. I’m going to be perfectly honest…I did not build the new shelf in the cabinet. My handy dandy-did I mention handy husband built me a wonderful new (to my specifications and then some) shelf for the cabinet. I did install it with (4) 2″ angle braces which attach to the sides of the cabinet. The new shelf is 13-1/2″ wide x 16″ deep. My tallest baking sheet is 12″ so I put the new shelf 1″ higher than the baking sheet.
  5. The last step was to put all the stuff back into the cabinet and admire the results.

Dividers and Shelf Installed

The only complaint I can see from this project is, if you have wide shoulders, access to the inside of the cabinet could be tricky. I’m only 5’1″ tall and still had a little trouble getting the screws to start through the wood. As with my  previous project, I used a Power Drill with a Phillips Head Bit.  I don’t think I could have gotten all the screws to go in as easy if I had used a regular screw driver. It would have been easier if the bit was magnatized and held the screws in place while I positioned the drill. I am learning as I go and will pass what I learn along to those who follow my blog.

Let me know if you try this project yourself. Share your tips and frustrations with us and others may avoid chasing the screws around the inside of the cabinet! I’d love to hear your comments.

Phase One of my Mess to Managed Project Complete

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Battlefront: Double Door-Kitchen Base Cabinet

Upon completion of my first college English course, I was told by my boss, write a blog. Me? A blog? Seriously. About hardware? Yes. So, it begins.

I needed to think how to approach the subject. I have a kitchen that is less than Better Homes and Garden quality. We sell pretty much any organization item a person could want for their kitchen, except for a personal chef. This could work! Looking around my kitchen I feel the need! The need (not for speed, Maverick) the need for a pot and pan organizer if we are gonna cook that Goose. Christmas has come and gone but not the heaping pile of pots, pans and mismatched lids. It isn’t easy finding the right pot and lid when you have to remove half a cabinet of chaos, only to realize the pan you needed is already on the stove. You put everything back in the cabinet and take one step away when you hear the crash and clang of the avalanche falling out on the floor.

Cabinet door never stays closed.As you can see from my before pictures, I am speaking from experience! I got home today ready to tackle the cabinet under my stove top. Low and behold, the cabinet door was slightly open and the piles of pans were poised for attack! I was armed with the Rev-A-Shelf 5CW2-1222-CR Cookware Organizer and also the Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2-1522-CR  Double Pullout Chrome Basket. I had called my son earlier to get the cabinet door opening measurements so I would bring home the right sized units.

I have a shelf that needed to be removed before I could install the units. After removing the towers of pans and lids, I got the tools together to tackle the shelf that was impeding my progress. A jig saw and hammer was all I needed to make short work of the tiny and basically useless shelf that had been yet another perch of attack in the cabinet.

As with any project, I had a little flaw in the game plan. I have double doors.  The right side  was the intended  for the 5WB2 unit. I have a 15″ opening but the door does not fully open as it is against a blind corner cabinet. The door to the right only opened to a 90° angle. The hinges use an inch of the door opening space available. Change of attack plan.  The 5WB2 would not be installed in the right opening. The 5WB2 is a  15″ wide unit, so it will now be installed on the left and the 5CW2 in the right opening, as it is 12″ wide.

Products used in Mess to Managed Project

Assembly of the unit was relatively painless. A few screws to attach the drawer slides and supports and the 5CW2-1222-CR Cookware Organizer was ready to attach to the bottom of the cabinet. It was basically the same procedure for the 5WB2-1522-CR Chrome Pull-out Shelf Unit.

Last step was to rewash the pots, pans and lids that had been long forgotten in the rear of the cabinet and place them in the organizers. It was not a difficult installation at all. Had I realized just how simple it was going to be, I would have done this long ago!

I hope you found my first entry entertaining and informative. I have other cabinets that are equally as messy and disorganized as my pot and pan cabinet. I will not hesitate to let you see the before and after shots of my “Mess To Managed” projects.

Football season is fast approaching which means my guys will be in the home theater watching the big game. This will leave me alone in the kitchen and able to tackle another cabinet.

The items I used:

    1. 5CW2-1222-CR
    2. 5WB2-1522-CR
    3. Jigsaw
    4. Hammer
    5. Phillips Head Screwdriver (I used a Power Drill with Phillips Head Bit “More Power” Tim The Tool Man Taylor would be proud)

Before and after pictures of the Double Door-Face Frame-Base Cabinet project.


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Top Ways to Organize Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

Let’s face it, times are tough for most people these days. We’ve got some ideas to make your life a little bit easier and not break the bank.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s not only a living  and entertaining area, but a work area too. A bit of organization can go a long way to reducing the stress level in your everyday hectic life. So here are my “Big Bang for the Buck Items”

Image of Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-2 S

Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-2 S White Double Pull-Out Waste Container

The kitchen waste container may be the most used item in your kitchen, if not the whole house. The only other thing that can rival it is the fridge. The Rev-A-Shelf RV-KD series starts at $57.50 and runs up to the $85.77 range and is a very economical way to hide the trash can away, yet be fully functional and practical for recycling and sorting trash.  If you decide now or later, you can mount your cabinet door to the unit with the RV-Door Mount Kit, so it’s one easy pull to access the trash.

Rev-A-Shelf 2 Prong Pull-Out Towel Bar

Rev-A-Shelf 2 Prong Pull-Out Towel Bar

Our pull out dish towel bars are also an inexpensive accessory it get those dish rags off the countertop and hung up so they dry quickly. has 3 versions to choose from. My favorite is actually the least expensive ($13.37), the 563-51-c two prong pull out towel bar. As opposed to the 3 prong models it has a ball bearing slide, and travels much smoother. They also make great gift items. OVIS  also has an even cheaper white and chrome fixed towel bar that can mount to the back of a cabinet door.

Rev-A-Shelf 6572-14 Tip Out Tray for sink fronts

Rev-A-Shelf 6572-14 Tip Out Tray for sink fronts

Tip Out Trays for your sink fronts are a nice functional storage organizer that keeps scouring pads, sponges, soap, and other clutter from around your sink. For most face frame sink base cabinets, a double 14″ kit works out nicely. It comes with two trays and two pairs of hinges. One tray is called the standard, which is completely smooth. The second tray is called an accessory tray and has a ridged  divider for holding a bar of soap so it doesn’t stick and has a ring post to put your rings on while doing the heavy lifting. The 6572-14 is available in white and almond for less than $19. also has a wide variety  of sizes in stainless steel. And for easy cleanup, just lift them off and throw them in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Rev-A-Shelf RT Series Drawer Organizers

Rev-A-Shelf RT Series Drawer Organizers

Rev-A-Shelf’s Rolling Tray Drawer Organizers fill the bill for increasing and organizing your cutlery, silverware and utility drawers. This series of drawer organizers has 2 levels. The bottom level is like a regular drawer divider, but has grooves that the wheels on the upper tray ride in. The top tray rolls to the front or back to access the bottom tray. The top tray can also be easily lifted out for even more access. Prices run for $26 to $37. The RT series is available in many sizes and must be cut to fit your drawer. This ensures a perfect fit so it doesn’t slide around in your drawer. There are two ways of cutting these. One is to score the plastic with a utility knife and then snap the waste off and smooth it up with some sandpaper. The other is to use a tablesaw. Either way make sure to cut equal amounts off each side so it’s centered, and measure twice and cut once! Contact us if you need  help with sizes.

Rev-A-Shelf 4SBSU Sink Base Door Organizer

Rev-A-Shelf 4SBSU Sink Base Door Organizer

The Rev-A-Shelf 4SBSU Series ($37-$47) is designed for a sink base cabinet, but I think it can be used in many different ways. Of course cleaners, scouring pads and like, as pictured. But what about foil, plastic wrap, food storage bags, garbage bags. In a food storage cabinet it could hold tall skinny items like pasta, cooking oil, chop sticks and skewers, let you imagination run wild.

Have a great idea? Let us know in the comments section below

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Kitchen Organization for Mom’s on the Go

Everyone knows when you’re organized your life runs much smoother. Well, how about start with the kitchen?  I know from being a working mother, of 5 kids, that time and organization are key, especially, when it comes to preparing dinner.  So, an organized kitchen for me and I’m sure a lot of you mothers out there is crucial. offers a variety of very simple retrofit items that have definitely eased some of my kitchen woes.  Have  you seen one of the newer waste container designs from Rev-A-Shelf – the 4WCBM Rev-A-Motion Series Waste Container Unit?  It’s amazing!  I have

Rev-A-Motion 4WCBM-18DM-2 Double 35 Qt Waste Containe

Rev-A-Motion, 4WCBM-18DM-2, Double 35 Qt Waste Containe

the 4WCBM-18DM-2 designed for the standard 18 inch base cabinet but it is available in many different size options.   I love it because you barely have to exert any effort to open and close the unit  and when you are doing so a million times while cooking dinner, this gas-spring assisted unit is a lifesaver.

Another timesaver option that I have found to be helpful was the simple installation of a Lazy Susan. The 28 inch Kidney  Lazy Susan – 6472-28-15-52 – in my corner base cabinet has helped me organize my canned goods so that I can find the things I need to cook with in a cinch!

Rev-A-Shelf, 5CW2-2122-CR, 21" Cookware Organizer

Rev-A-Shelf, 5CW2-2122-CR, 21" Cookware Organizer

I keep my pots and pans organized with our Chrome Cookware Organizer which comes in two sizes – the 5CW2-1222-CR and the 5CW2-2122-CR and of course, I had to have the larger unit! Now I’m not searching all over the place for my lids and pans that coordinate.  This unit is designed with a double pull-out shelving system that stores the lids on the top and pans on the bottom. LOVE!

Other easy, accessible organizers for the “Mom on the Go” that I use to make my kitchen tasks roll along are the simple but handy 18 inch Chrome Tray Dividers – 597-18CR-52, also available in a  White Finish  and 2 different sizes of 12 inch and 18 inch.  I use those to organize my cookie sheets, baking stones, etc.

I have also installed a couple of the U-Shape Tray Dividers – 596-10CR-52 in the cabinet above my refrigerator. I found this space to be useless until I saw these items. Now I put my cookbooks in them for quick easy access to all my favorite recipes. You can use them for many other storage items as well, as they are compact and sturdy. It really has a million possibilities for

Rev-A-Shelf, 596-10CR-52, Tray Divider

Rev-A-Shelf, 596-10CR-52, Tray Divider

organizational uses be it in the kitchen or not. I have even had some of my customers tell me that they have installed them in their offices on shelves to store their books, etc.  All of the items I have mentioned are simple to install – all you need is a screwdriver and a measuring tape. Yes, it’s that simple! As always, I recommend that you double check all your measurements before ordering to insure proper fit. Our new website offers specification sheets you can download for almost every item in our web store.
What do you find makes your life flow easier in the kitchen? Perhaps you can give me some tips.

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Kitchen Aid Mixer Storage – No Problem with the Mixer Lift

Rev-A-Shelf, RAS-ML-HDCR,  Heavy Duty Mixer Lift

Rev-A-Shelf, RAS-ML-HDCR, Heavy Duty Mixer Lift

For all you fabulous cooks and bakers out there who are are addicted to your Heavy Duty Kitchen Mixer – We have the perfect solution for not only storing your mixer out of the way but also making it easier on your back with the RAS-ML-HDCR – Heavy Duty Mixer Lift.

Once you have this item, you will wonder how you ever got along without it! This mixer lift unit, creates a way to store your mixer and easily lift it up out of your cabinet, without exerting any strain to your back  everytime you want to use it.  Plus, you get the added bonus of eliminating countertop clutter by neatly stowing your heavy duty mixer in your cabinet.  No more lifting!  Just open your cabinet door and let the lift system do all the work of  bringing your mixer up to countertop height with a simple tug.

Rev-A-Shelf, RAS-ML-HDCR, Chrome Heavy Duty Mixer/Appliance Lift

Mixer Lift in Stop Motion

A great bonus to this item is that it can installed into any size width of cabinet.  However, you cannot install the Rev-A-Shelf Mixer Lift into any cabinet that has a drawer.   This unit generally requires a full-height cabinet.  Don’t forget – you will need to have a piece of wood cut to fit across the arms once the unit has been installed to serve as your shelf.  This will allow you to match they type/color of wood you desire to match your cabinetry.

All of the necessary specifications and instructions are listed under this product on our website at if you would like to inquire about the measurements needed or any installation questions you may have.

Check out the product reviews for the RAS-ML-HDCR to see what I’m telling is true – You Are Going To LOVE This Mixer Lift!

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Put An End to Lost Kitchen Items In Your Blind CornerCabinet

Rev-A-Shelf 6882 Series Half Moon Lazy Susan

Rev-A-Shelf 6882 Series Half Moon Lazy Susan

Do you have a Blind Corner Cabinet that is driving you crazy because you can’t see back into it to find anything you have stored?  Well, has the perfect solution and it’s called a Half-Moon Lazy Susan! With a few simple measurements you can be well on your way to organizing those “lost” items that never really were “lost” at all! The most important measurement is the door opening width. If you have a standard blind corner cabinet, and you meet the minimum opening requirement, you should be good to go.  This unit operates in pretty much the same manner a regular lazy susan does with the only exception being that the half-moon trays swing outside of the cabinet and then pull out,  for full view of your items stored.

Rev-A-Shelf 4WLS882 Wood Half Moon Lazy Susan

Rev-A-Shelf 4WLS882 Wood Half Moon Lazy Susan

These units come in two different tray options – one style is made with wood, the Rev-A-Shelf 4WLS882 Series and the other is polymer, Rev-A-Shelf 6882 Series.  You obtain the same sturdiness from both types of trays, you just have to make up your mind which style best suits your kitchen design.  Each type is offered in multiple sizes. They can be installed in either a right hand or left hand blind corner and Rev-A-Shelf graciously includes hardware for both face frame and frameless cabinets.

The Half Moon Lazy Susan Unit is fabulous for helping you organize what once was a  virtually useless deep cabinet that was dark and hard to get into.  Discover how easily you can order and install one of these units and help yourself organize that disarrayed cabinet that you’ve been frustrated with for years. You may even find some hidden treasures you haven’t thought about forever!

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